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HPE Superdome Flex

HPE Superdome Flex is a solution dedicated to systems, which are crucial for organisational functioning, and in particular, for the applications from the group SAP HANA, Oracle, Microsoft SQL and systems acting in random-access memory, transaction applications, or else those dealing with data processing with the use of graphics processors.

Obviously HPE Superdome Flex with some success can serve as virtualization platform for personalised ERP system in just any organisation demanding high availability and reliability.

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HPE Superdome Flex is derived from the HPE Superdome X and HPE MC990 X line (basing on SGI solutions), and it constitutes a combination of the best technologies of the mentioned systems. In effect of this combination, HPE Superdome Flex is characterised by:

  • hpe superdome flex nowy v4 2Bunique scalability – thanks to modular architecture, processors’ scalability from 4 to 32 and up to 48TB in terms of RAM memory, as well as high throughput between the individual modules (HPE Fabric);
  • optimal flexibility – which derives from the option of installing up to 128 PCIe cards, card supports: GPU Nvidia, 1/10/25Gb Ethernet, 16Gb Fibre Channel, InfiniBand as well as HPE nPars technology;
  • high availability – related to full support for the RAS architecture (m.in. firmware-first, auto self-healing), which translates into 99.999% system availability;
  • straightforward operation – thanks to the option of operating and monitoring platform through RMC (Rack Management Controller,) HPE OneView or Openstack.

hpe superdome flex nowy v4 3HPE nPars is a technology which enables for constructing electronically separated hardware partitions, scalable for 4, 8, 12 and 16 processors. This approach lets using HPE Superdome Flex for various critical applications, both, for production and for tests, with no fear of mutual influence of the individual environments and preserving all of the benefits, which this platform provides. Partitioning HPE nPars also lets for reducing license costs of specific applications, e.g. data base applications.

HPE Serviceguard for Linux is a software, which enables for constructing a high availability and failure resistant cluster, protecting, both, the infrastructure and the applications against unforeseen occurrences, both, for physical and virtual environments, alike.

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Developed based on materials made available by HPE.

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